What about? About what? About this website!

This is the website of Belgian amateur radio station ON5ZO a/k/a OQ5M. Why two callsigns? Because you can only get a so called ‘vanity callsign’ if you keep the first call. That means the Belgian telecom regulator can make his cash register’s bell ring twice on you!  🙂

I hold the ON5ZO call, which I’m kinda fond of. Early 2006, that very same Belgian telecom regulator opened up a can of special 2×1 callsigns of which I took OQ5M. It’s a bit shorter and crispier than ON5ZO, which is not a bad contest call itself. Since then I’ve mainly used OQ5M on the air but I keep ON5ZO as the call behind the face.

I started out on the Internet in the mid-nineties and made first website in 1999. Not for the website or its content but to learn how to make one. A lot of things have evolved since then. Because static HTML is so passé and I cannot keep up with ALL technologies (ASP.Net, PHP and the likes), I decided not to reinvent a wheel or try to make an existing one rounder. So I settled for existing open source free technology and invest my spare time as an autodidact into other things.

Technology used:

  • Hosting somewhere on some remote machine. PHP / mySQL is cheap nowadays.
  • The blog uses WordPress. Even I got it working on first try!
  • The theme is made with Artisteer. Ever tried to achieve this by DIV’ing up your CSS yourself? I did and I’m glad to pay for a tool that does it.

So this is ‘la raison d’être‘ for what you are reading. Although I don’t like the word ‘blog’, this is what it is. I like to write things and I hope some people like to read it. Contrary to my nature, I try to keep it polite and free of things that might insult people. But I don’t always succeed. After all, there are some stupid people in our hobby. But you and I are not one of them, right?  😉