One year update

It’s been over a year since I last posted something. That has never happened before. There are a few reasons for that.

I think blogging is out. Period. And there is not much interaction with the audience. I don’t even know if there is an audience. Hello?

Over the last two years, I haven’t done as much radio as I used to do. Nor as I would have liked to do.

I mainly do contests. But I have written about that for over fifteen years and I find myself repeating the same things over and over. Basically because every contest follows the same scenario. Which doesn’t mean it’s less fun but… You get it.

I ended up on Mastodon:

I prefer this over IG but there is much more happening on IG. Too bad.

I did some purchases and homebrewing to start doing POTA. I managed to do five activations. I would have done more but the weather, work etc got in the way. I sure hope to do more in 2024.


While it was fun and my youngest son is very keen on going along, I was disappointed. I see Y/T videos of US hams making tons of contacts and running modest pile ups. I knew from the start that if that was my goal, I would end up disappointed. It’s not catching up here.

Other than this, nothing to report and it’ll probably stay very calm here…


One reply on “One year update”

Well, I read your blog. Unfortunately your blog was a bit difficult to read after you started posting what you published on twitter. And indeed, only writing about contesting and the bad weather isn’t much of interest. But you did write interesting articles in the past. Is blogging out? Well, I’m not shure of that. Some people like blogging other do videos, podcasts and other things. Personally my blog is part of my hobby. And if anyone is interested in it they can read what it is about. Otherwise I don’t care because I like writing and reading about the hobby. But if I would have no inspiration to write something on my blog for over a year I would probabely stop it. Hope to hear you on the bands soon Franki, 73, Bas

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