Status Update

2022 was a total non-radio year. I didn’t post much here. Because there wasn’t much to blog about. And because I’ve been more active on my Instagram account.

The year started with the celebration of 75 years of UBA:

I did the UBA DX SSB contest. The CW part got cancelled though.

Early in 2022 I missed both ARRL DX contests due to storms so I couldn’t raise the tower.

Those stupid storms always cause minor troubles:

I did do CQ WPX CW as the last contest from the old shack.

The war that Russia started in Ukraine caused the cancellation of a few events and I dismantled the old shack to build a total new one. That took longer than anticipated.

No WAECW either:

I was back for CQ WW CW. I did 20m CW for the OT7T M/M Distributed effort that the UBA did. I had OT5Z and ON4IT come over to help.

Then I did the ARRL 10m contest and 9ACW. The ARRL even featured me on their social media account.

After that I rearranged the shack to correct a few mistakes and make other thing better.

Oh yeah: early November I operated from 4U1A.

There is a report on that here:

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