Six months update

It’s been over six months since my last post. Not much has happened on the radio front. Unfortunately.

There was a storm in February keeping me off the air in ARRL DX CW. Then the Russians started a war in Ukraine turning the world upside down, also our hobby. Exit a few contests, and my motivation down the drain.

Then I had to dismantle my station to build a new shack. The contractor was very late to the party and things have been moving slow. The roadmap I laid out in Spring 2021 turned out useless.

I don’t want to mess with temporary setups by moving the heavy and expensive things back and forth. So the only thing left to do is do my part of the work whenever the contractor has completed a phase and count down until I finally can build a new shack from the ground up – literally. Even from below the ground.

I surely miss being on the air and doing contests. I hope to be back soon but it’ll take another few weeks / months. Bummer!

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Hey Franki,

How will you be by CQWW (CW) in November? I know you’ll be suffering if you’re not back to full force by then! By three months, even a slow contractor should be finished…some things are the same on both sides of the salty pond.

Howdy John
I quit making plans. As soon as I can do something, I’m on the case.
But as long as there are no windows or doors, I can’t haul furtniture or move electronics…
It all depends on external factors – unfortunately!

73 / CU

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