LZ DX Contest 2021

Time for the annual pre-WWCW Smack Down that is the LZ DX Contest. I usually have a good result in that contest but in 2020 I had an unusually good score. I got second ‘world’ after RT9A.

2020 Results – look who’s not first!

I have more QSO (I always do well in QSO numbers) and even more multipliers (which is where I usually underachieve ) than RT9A. So his average point/QSO ratio is higher. He has of course much better access to those ten point LZ stations than I have. It’s not easy to work LZ from here on 10-15m, even on 20m it’s not easy.

I was a bit disappointed though that there is no distinction between UA9 and ON and that there is only one plaque to be won. I understand it from the LZ logistical / financial side but a plaque is a plaque. And no plaque is a plague. So there is a little voice in my head that says “Why bother to squeeze out every drop?”. Which is of course a total motivation killer.

Nevertheless: I was ready for this year too because a CW contest is a CW contest and rate is rate and yada yada: CW contesting – it’s what I do.

It seems this year more than ever I have a busy and stressful job. It attenuated my energy and motivation by a dozen dB for CQ WW SSB. But SSB, not my thing so who cares. Apart from the weather (storms), there could be a second potential show stopper in 2021. I felt tired, I had a cold and as a teacher I am exposed to the COVID threat every day. But I dodged the virus’ bullets and I managed to stay healthy. Or at least not become ill. The perspective of a good CW contest is of course as good a reason  as any to encourage oneself.

Rate is king!

As always the first hours went fast and I accumulated a lot of QSO. Then it inevitably slows down around local midnight (2300utc). With the previous paragraph in mind, I decided not to overdo. A plaque will not be won, Country Winner Belgium is a fact. OK: only 99% sure. Maybe there is an obscure Belgian out there whose signals I have not come across and who is outnumbering my QSO total. Furthermore  I need to survive another week before WW CW. So let’s not totally drain the operator’s batteries. A long way to say: I took some sleep. I got up in the morning and carried on but as always the hours of high rate are gone. Apart from that last hour.

Everything went well. It seems the station is ready for the BIG ONE next week. Another LZDX Contest, another satisfying event. Thanks for hosting, see you in 2022 if all goes well.


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