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How to edit your Cabrillo for the UBA DX Contest – 2021 update

This is an update to the post dating from 2012 ( link ).

My long time ham radio friend ON7GR told me the image is no longer valid. That is true. Since then N1MMLogger has moved to the ‘plus’ version and for the UBA DX contest we have now moved to Cabrillo v3 specifiactions ( link ). So it’s about time to update this post.

1) FOR BELGIAN PARTICIPANTS ONLY who are using N1MMLOGGER: please add your province.

I repeat: ONLY for Belgian stations (that is: ON, OO, OP, OQ, OR, OS OT) . Belgian stations: please do it! Do this BEFORE the contest. That is done by changing the ?? into two letters for the province abbreviation. It’s here, in the ‘Sent Exchange’ field in the window where you add a new contest.

In the red box, change the default ?? to the CORRECT two letter abbreviation

For a list of valid abbreviations: check the rules on the UBA website (link here). I know, reading rules is a controversial concept but try it. For people who don’t know how to click hyperlinks:

Valid province codes: AN, BW, HT, LB, LG, NM, LU, OV, VB, WV, BR (for Brussels!).

2) FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS: please use the right category!

  • I repeat: this is for EVERYONE, no matter what logging software!
  • ONLY Belgians can choose between 6/12/24 hours. Everyone else does 24h.
  • Belgian stations: please please please please please indicate the right category with respect to time (A = 6h, B = 12h, C=24h). Moeten wij rieken hoeveel uur jij mee deed?
  • QRP is all band only, there are NO single band QRP categories.
  • Categories are found here:

Step 1: open the Cabrillo file (*.CBR or *.LOG) and locate the ‘category-operator’ field.

Step 2: change this to ‘CATEGORY:’. Don’t forget the colon (:).

Step 3: add your category code (AH, CLP, CH, DXE…. etc). Please find this in the rules ( link ).

Save and mail to the right email address. That’s it. That will save ON7SS and me a lot of trouble. Every year we have the same problem, ESPECIALLY WITH BELGIAN STATIONS who don’t seem to understand it. And the same people have been forgetting all this year after year since 2010…

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