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First of all: I changed to the default WP theme. I don’t like this color scheme but my old theme generating software is no longer compatible with the new WP code. Stuff gets broken and I’ve run out of energy to find patches and workarounds. Maybe it’s time to admit the commercial (=paid for) theme generator has run its course and just forget about it. It hasn’t been updated by the company since 2014 and my last paid upgrade is also a few years old. Time to move on and forget about it. I’ll pick up the theme thing when I have the time. Yeah right.

EDIT: I fiddled with the color scheme from the default theme. It should now be less reddish and more blueish. Yay!

I have been doing plenty of stuff for the hobby lately. But I haven’t been posting anything here.

It’s various stuff in the ‘this and that’ department. Things that generally spoken are not blog material. I sort of had it with blogging. I still like to write and publish stuff. Even if hardly anyone reads it. But I feel like am repeating myself. That is because I always do the same in the hobby. Doing that doesn’t get boring to me. I still am very passionate about the way I enjoy the hobby. Writing about it does feel like saying the same things over and over again.

Add to that that I have been using Instagram a lot for the last fifteen months. I like the fact I can put just about anything there and interact with the outside world. There is much more interaction there than here. Plus my blog has been strictly about ham radio. On IG I also post various other things.

Check it out here:

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