EUHFC 2020

My 15th participation in this contest. One of my favorite contests. And I seem to do quite well: #12 in the top 100 of all times.


Statistics here:

I left the tower up after IARU. That’s three weeks. Make it easy on myself. Come Friday: 39°C heat, thunderstorms predicted – with possible heavy gusts exceeding 80 km/hr. Better safe than sorry so I lowered the tower on Friday in the scorching heat. Needless to say: no thunderstorm, no rain, no wind over my QTH.

Setting up again on Saturday, with low band wires and additional RX loop. Luckily my youngest son is becoming more handy and interested so I got a pair of little helping hands. His support is becoming more valuable instead of just symbolic.

Sweat all over the place while doing the antenna preparation. My T-shirt got soaked but everything got ready well in time and a shower washed away the sweat and body odor.

I had big fun chasing SJ2W for a z14 win. Check out his site ( ) and IG account (  ). Mike and I go way back since the good ol’ days of WWYC. We were young then, but we’re still kicking butt on the bands today!


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That was a lot of fun! Extra fun to fight with buddy Franki, OQ5M @on5zo #euhfc2020 #euhfc #radiosport #sj2w

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BTW: Real time scores are a hit! Check it out:

You can’t beat the guys in S-E EU but at least we kept the Germans off. Of course: SJ2W is a BIG GUN station. He’s got a bunch of HIGH towers and more monobander yagis than my small tribander counts elements. His ‘in band antenna site’ on the side is even bigger than my station. But the race was a thrill and I enjoyed every moment of it!

It was very hot in the shack. Over 26°C before I switched on rigs and the amp. It got up to 30.1°C when running in the heat of the battle – pun intended.

Shout out to rookie OT5Z who did his first full time contest. Welcome to the scene and make yourself heard! Thanks for the ‘15’ multiplier!


The rate was fine and in the end I claim my biggest score ever: most QSO, most multipliers, highest score.

It does NOT get any better than this. Or does it?


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