Ham radio callsign art with lasercutter

Those who check out my IG account have seen this already but I want to gather the snippets in one post here. I’m learning to operate my employer’s laser cutting machine and instead of just cutting up and burning wood to charcoal, I try to end up with something useful – whatever this term may mean in this particular context…

Some of it is an enhancement of my previous experiment called ‘pimp your ham stuff’ (Sept. 2017).

I hope you like it as much as I did making it.




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– … Since everyone voted ‘yes’ in the poll, here’s the last of my lasercut callsign creations. A set of letters cut out the same size as the laser ‘inversely etched’ board and spray painted in shiny gold. Then glued on with fast sticking glue. I made another one like this for someone else (kid’s room decoration) but with the shading done darker (i.e. higher laser power so the wood burns darker). The background is darker then making the golden letters stand out more. I liked this better than the one for me. Live and learn… ________________________________________________. #lasercutting #hamradiocallsign #amateurradio #hamradio #hamradioart #hamradioporn

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Ham Radio things with the laser cutter pt. III For years I have been using these wire antenna end insulators. Hand made with a hacksaw from a leftover piece of plexiglass plate. Recently I discovered these can be lasercut too. So I made the most of a broken cover of my small greenhouse (storm damage). 200x25mm, three 4mm holes for the wire ends, 7mm hole to hook it up. All lasered. These are used for dipoles, verticals and elevated radials. Easy to switch from CW to the occasional SSB length on 80m. Just slip wire through and fold back. It took a few tries to find the optimal travel speed and power setting for the laser but I got it nailed for 3mm thickness. ________________________________________________ #hamradio #amateurradio #radioaficionado #diyhamradio #homebrewantenna #wireantennas #lasercutting

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