Dipole for 20m

I have been making use of Instagram for a while because it allows for fast publishing of BS and images.

Lately I haven’t got much to say that is blog worthy. After all these years you cannot keep on telling the same things about the same contests.

Here is a collection of things I posted about the 20m dipole on my portable field day mast made of tubular tower and a base with a winch mounted on it. I made a tapered aluminum 20m dipole which is a beauty but too heavy for my mast. This mast was designed to haul up some wire antennas for field day, not to carry heavy aluminum antennas. Let alone a rotator.

In the end I decided it was too risky to put this in the air even without any wind. I made up an ad-hoc wire dipole on two cheap lightweight fishing poles I have here for almost ten years. This worked just fine on a mechanical level and proved a winner RF-wise to fill the gap when the beam was to USA. It was oriented with the antenna lobes radiating to Japan and SW-EU.


Making the coax choke


Attaching to the mast


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The center assembly for the 20m dipole is ready: feed point and bracket to attach to the portable field day mast. Starting diameter is 40mm. A bit overkill for a 20m band element (~10m long) but the center isolator was made for this and I don’t have access to a lathe right now to turn it down. Adapt, improvise, overcome. Maybe I’ll use agressive tapering to get to a smaller diameter fast. I’ve never put anything this big in my /P mast. Only wires. I hope it’ll work. Build first, worry later! ________________________________________________ #hamradio #amateurradio #diyhamradio #hamradioantennas #antennaporn #dipoleantenna #homebrewantenna

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The mast partially assembled


Aluminum version too heavy


Lightweight wire version is up!



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