RDXC 2020

I’m not really in a writing mood so I’ll keep it short. I have adopted Instagram (ON5ZO)  for my quick dose of BS-publishing.

Just for the archives.

Note to future self:

  1. This was the Corona / COVID-19 edition. The one with the toilet paper craze.
  2. Finally a CW contest after three months. I had to skip both ARRL DX and also UBA DX CW because of a couple of storms weekend after weekend. Ciara, Dennis – remember them?
  3. You had to work on the tower once again after these storms. You did this the week before the contest. You had plenty of time. Because you were not allowed to go to work. Schools closed. See note 1.

About the contest:

It was fun. As always the first half was good. Then it slowed down. Ten meters was utterly dead. Just ON5JT. He proposed to move there after he called me. Fifteen meters was very very poor. I hoped for an opening in some form on Sunday. The opening came but it wasn’t much of an opening.

Online scores on were a motivator. I didn’t go to sleep but I slipped away for half an hour in the chair around 5AM utc. Too slow to keep me going I guess.

I was glad to log over 2k QSO CW only. That was my only goal (apart from relief from the contest blues).

Imagine this contest with 10+15 wide open. No more wasted time. Let’s hope for a massive amount of sunspots. SOON.

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