New toy: impact wrench

I showed you my application of screw-in tent pegs before. You can read it here:

Drought renders screw in anchors useless

Just like last year the soil is very dry and hard. Global warming, local drought. This makes it hard for the tent pegs to screw into the ground. The plastic versions I had before just snap, especially with the high torque screwdriver. This is a clip from July 2018:

The aluminum models can handle the torque without breaking in half. However this professional cordless screwdriver was chosen for its torque and when the tent peg jams, it’s not easy on the wrist and you can hear the machine suffering from the sudden stalling. Afterwards it’s not always easy to open the drill chuck. A cheap toy machine would definitely be broken after a few times.

Last week for EUHFC I used the RX loop. Its base is anchored into the lawn with three tent pegs. The cordless drill / screwdriver did it but this tool is not designed for this kind of job. I don’t want to risk breaking it and that’s why I made use of a promo sale to buy this impact wrench.

This clip shows the impact wrench handles the job like a pro. After all, it is a pro tool. For an amateur – a RADIOamateur.


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