This one if purely for archiving purposes. In case ten years from now I wonder where my 2019 log is.

I didn’t participate. And if it weren’t for the UBA I would never participate in this small SSB contest. Especially not when propagation is as it probably is. Not that I know because I haven’t touched a radio in almost a month. I feel worse for missing the 160 CW contest. Although I didn’t see much US-EU spots on the cluster? Maybe even top band is broken?

Another reason is that six days ago I caught a bad flu and I’m still tired and recovering. I couldn’t be bothered with cranking up towers and winching up wire antennas.
Furthermore the weather turned from calm with high quality snow early last week to 8°C and a gusty 5Bft with rain. Classic Belgian ‘winter’. I hate it.

I hope for calm weather and maybe a tad of propagation in ARRL DX CW and UBA CW in a few weeks. The CW part generates quite some activity contrary to its spoken counterpart.

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