AE5X discovers a very long delayed echo

What is about as much fun as to write? To be written about maybe?

Earlier this week I opened up John AE5X’s website on my smartphone. You should know that I have only recently been baptized into the Church of Swipers. Three weeks ago exactly. My classic cell phone turned 8 last summer and the human interface started disintegrating. I could still run it for seven days on one charge cycle though!  I appreciated its pocket size. It was still functioning just fine yet I retired it for a few reasons.

Anyway I am not really familiar yet with the small screen (compared to my 17” laptop). So I loaded AE5X’s site to see ‘OQ5M’ popping up prominently about thirty centimeters from my nose. I was flabbergasted for a few seconds especially since OQ5M was followed by ‘unknowingly’. What have I done? What did I do? Who have I p’d off?

Closer reading soon unveiled the real story.

This is what it’s all about (starting at the 30sec mark):

I have always wondered if someone recorded my signals and threw them on the web…

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Hey Franki,

Well that is a wake-up call, isn’t it (seeing your own call as someone else’s title)!

About recorded callsigns…several years ago a Moroccan contest station recorded their entire 48-hour CQWW (CW) activity and then posted it online in such a way that it was searchable by callsigns worked. Bas PE4BAS made the posting that informed me of this and, sure enough, I typed my call into the search field and was rewarded with an MP3 of how I sounded in Morocco. Neither they nor anyone else has ever done that since, to my knowledge but it sure is fun to hear how your station sounds on the far end.

73 – John

Hi John

You’re talking about Jim CN2R / W7EJ who saddly passed away in December 2017. He was a certain six band multiplier from here. (audio still there)

There is this link too:
This one goes along with a 3rd party tool for N1MMLogger. It makes split MP3 files per QSO if you record the whole contest.

Randy K5ZD took a shot too:

There might be more.
I have considered setting up my shack PC to do this too but it has a very low interrupt request priority for my CPU…

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