60m: is it worth my while?

For quite some time now I have been thinking to do something with 60m. I have zero contacts on that band. I don’t have an antenna for that band but I’m sure I can come up with something that gets me active on 5 MHz. It would be new: building a new antenna, new propagation, all new DXCC…

What keeps me from doing so is that I wonder if there is anything going on there in CW? I have no interest in any digital mode as I prefer CW over everything. I have been looking at the cluster and RBN but I see almost nothing but FT8 there. In the past I listened once or twice when the 80m antenna was up but I didn’t hear much. Even before the FT8 hype.

If there is no CW DX to be worked there, I have no business on the 5 MHz band. OTOH if CW people want CW, we have to be active in CW. The Catch 22 of ham radio?


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Hello Franki, 99% is FT8 on the 60m band. There are a few active on CW from 5353-5355KHz but even DXpeditions are most of the time one FT8 since that is were the activity is. I think you can try to retune your 80m antenna and spot yourself on 60m CW to get anyone back to you. We can arrange a sked if you like? That gives you at least one DXCC on 60 😉 73, Bas

Thanks for the offer Bas. I’d rather not touch my 80m antenna because it’s also my 160m antenna.
I need a solution that doesn’t interfere with my contest stuff. And that doesn’t get in the way of children, dogs, lawnmowers, wives… Maybe the latter shouldn’t be plural?
I guess I was just too enthusiastic, an over-excited moment. I don’t think I will have much fun there.


Hi Franki – I’ve recently joined the activity on 60m but, as Bas said, it’s mostly FT8. I don’t like the channelized aspect of the band but it works for a channelized mode, like FT8, JT9/65, etc. I’ll happily try to give you W5 on 60m CW if you want it!

73 – John

Thanks John. I just replied to Bas that the fire of my initial 60m-excitement was put out after some sleep. The fact that there isn’t much to be done there apart from FT8 and that it won’t be a short or low antenna easily fit between all other stuff, doesn’t help.


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