EUHFC 2018: top ten and winner z14

Time for some ego tripping.

Winning isn’t everything in contesting. I have to keep that in mind because winning a contest from my location and with my setup is next to impossible. So I focus on the fun factor and personal achievement. Which means I do like to put down a good score and squeeze the last drop out of the lemon.

So in this year’s EUHFC I finished #10 (CW only HP).

But I am #1 in zone 14. So I file that under ‘personal achievement’

Furthermore I am at 99 / 100 of the Top 100 Honor Roll when it comes to log checking and score deduction. Before you say “ So what, 99 is way down from the top! ”: there are only three participants on that list with more than 1000 QSO in the log and I logged the most QSO in that top 100 (1327 after checking). Most logs have less than 100 Q, some even only one or two. It’s easier to have two contacts 100% correct than it is to log 1300+ without any errors. So again: clean log and accuracy, a personal achievement.

Moreover I occupy 12 spots in the 100 best scores ever from z14. So I may not be a winner as such, I think this shows that I’ve got this contest thing figured out. Should anyone need proof of that. Other than myself. And that I’m crazy enough to spend a lot of time in the shack playing in these contests. When’s the next one?

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