The QSL saga continues

Status 04/11: I processed all cards in my possession for OQ5M and ON5ZO/P. I still have a bunch of cards for ON5ZO that need to be addressed. These are mainly for older QSO’s that I sent out cards for already.

There still is a very old shoe box full of ON5ZO cards. I wrote on top of the box: “ON5ZO cards – checked OK’. So I will take a few sample cards to see if I really already processed them. I surely hope so.

The last batch of QSL cards showed a big stack of QSL cards from WRTC 2014 (MA, USA).

Many cards for WRTC 2014 contacts
Many cards for WRTC 2014 contacts

I now need to send out about 700 cards for OQ5M. I decided to print labels and stick them on paper cards. That way I can get rid of the stock of cards I had printed in 2006. I don’t like them too much and the picture doesn’t reflect my actual antennas anymore. Good riddance!

The good thing of waiting a few years to reply to incoming QSL cards is that you can answer three different cards confirming each one QSO with only one card.

Old skool QSLing is not for the impatient. After being OQ5ZO (late 2001) I sent out a QSL card for ALL contacts. Rookie mistake. I made a QSO with a W6  station on 20/11/2001. I sent my card on 12/02/2002. I marked the contact as confirmed on 03/11/2018. That’s seventeen years after the contact. Oh my. OQ5ZO – my first encounter with calling CQ and running high rate (to my standards back then). Has that really been s-e-v-e-n-t-e-e-n years already? Time flies too fast, really!

Sometimes people make the QSL process more complicated than needed. There’s this JA station I have worked seven times on 15 CW. I confirmed four of those in 2015. Yet still there is another card for the same band/mode.

Or what to think of the station sending me a card with ‘PSE QSL’. So I sent my card. Then a few years later I receive another card for the same contact saying ‘TNX QSL’. A case of confirming the confirmation.

And so the QSL saga comes to an end. For now at least. ON4BHQ warns me that he has a considerable amount of buro cards waiting for me already – again…

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