EUHFC 2018

Not much to say about this most enjoyable contest.

I had a great time operating this one, as always. Fun factor? ✔

I used the ‘Post score to distribution server’ function in N1MMLogger+ to get the score cross-posted to the two online scoreboards. Enhanced contesting experience? ✔

Yes it was warm in the shack with our tropical summer 2018 but it has been worse and it was bearable. I had a fan running at max RPM. Operator coolness? ✔

More than 1200 QSO in 12 hours! Average rate +100 over the whole contest? ✔

Rate graph made by N1MMLogger+

I had fun competing with the others via the real time live score. That really helps me to stay focused and in the chair. It seems that the Russian platform is still more popular than the North American equivalent.

I still don’t have the tactics nailed for this contest. I think I did the most S&P ever which might explain that I have more mults than usual. I didn’t do SO2R because of the band switch limitation (which is cool because it adds a twist). But I must think it over as that might be the only way to improve.

The biggest surprise came five minutes ago while trying to put this year’s score in perspective. It seems my claimed 1330 Q / 330 mult / 438900 points is my best score in this contest. During the contest I had no idea about that. There you go. Personal record? ✔

Overview of my scores in EUHFC

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