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I’m a big fan of Jimmy Diresta. He’s like a 21st century King Midas: he turns everything into gold. I noticed that almost everything in his shop, from tools over furniture to walls and floors, carries his spray-painted name tag. That inspired me to do a little graffiti experiment.

When I was half my current age, I encountered a lot of flight cases. Those are usually labeled with a typical font. One of the local hardware stores has a set of typical flight case letter templates. These are metal plates with the letter stamped out. But they’re not cheap, I’d even say expensive and since I don’t run a flight case business, I was looking for an alternative.

I do have a laminating machine to put a plastic jacket around A4 size sheets of paper. And thanks to the internet, I found a free TrueType font that looks like the typical flight case letters.

My callsign in the typical font
My callsign in the typical font

I printed my callsign, laminated the sheet of paper and then cut out the inside of the letters with a sharp knife.

I haven’t tagged anything officially but I did some trials:

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