UBA DX CW 2017

A message about a contest that ran three weeks ago. How much overdue can you possibly be?

The CW part of the UBA DX contests is quite popular. As are most CW contests. So I wanted to take part in it. I have done it full time (24h) a few times but my guess was that it wouldn’t pay off this year. After all people end up on the lower bands much earlier because the higher bands dropped out. The result is that the low bands run dry much sooner. So that is why this year I ran in the 12h category. Like I usually do.

As predicted: ten meters was closed. Really closed as no skimmer RX picked me up when I launched a few CQ CQ. Except for two locals but that doesn’t count. Fifteen was slightly better than I anticipated. Which seems only normal. I don’t expect much anymore of that band. Yes the glory days are behind us. Nothing we can do except wait wait wait…

I can’t remember much anymore. No details but it was fun and in the end I logged more than 900 contacts. Which will probably yield another plaque in the 12h high power category. At least judging from the claimed scores.

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