ON5ZO is a winner

And OQ5M is too!

After more than a decade I have collected about twenty contest plaques from the UBA DX contest. CW, SSB, low power, high power, twelve hours, twenty four: I’ve done it all. I also cherish my ‘special achievement plaque’ for most QSO made with the OO-prefix in 2005 as OO5ZO. About 18500 CW only contacts or so. The engraved text should have read: ‘no one else was crazy enough to spend so much time on the air’. I ran barefoot then too. And had no kids yet.

Back to the plaques. A field day victory was still missing on the wall. OT1A and I made second place twice, but our June 2015 effort paid off. Finally.


Hardly beginner’s luck but third time’s a charm indeed (2006-2011-2015).

A few weeks ago the mail man stopped and had two parcels. I immediately recognized the plastic envelope covered with Russian stamps. But TWO plaques at once?

BTW you can see part of my UBA DX Contest plaque collection in the reflection of the right plaque.

Thank you RAEM contest! I’d love to be back this year but it seems to run on December 25. I’m not sure I can sell this to the Board of Directors. It seems to be a special day, apart from this very enjoyable contest.

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