Something new (but still blue)

My previous post revealed that my WordPress theme was aging. It developed compatibility issues with the latest WP versions, especially on the picture gallery. I don’t use free or commercial themes. I roll my own. I have been using a commercial tool for that for many years. It’s called Artisteer btw. Because the free upgrade period for that has expired for ages too, I decided to pay for an upgrade. That decision was made in August 2015. And executed a few days ago. I don’t post many pictures so that wasn’t really an issue. But I wanted to show off my ‘wind direction indicator thingy’ and the problem became prominent.

I imported the old theme and exported it with the current version. Issues solved. And to discover the novelties in the latest release, I made up a new theme. Still very blueish, because it really is my favorite color. De gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum. Period.

Now if only I could provide some ham radio content… I don’t even know what the current SFI is. 250 or bust!

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