The WW SSB 2015 results strengthen my believe in a Low Band near future

My CQ WW SSB 2015 adventure on as SB80 can be read here.

Thanks to the good folks from CQ WW the results can be seen here on the CQ WW official website.

And if you argue that there wasn’t massive participation in this category, you’re right. Then I tell you that it’s because everyone is afraid of the low bands and only daredevils have the guts to do so. In turn you might riposte that fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Whatever.

Look closely: I set a new Belgian record along the way. Totally unexpected. The less I participate in contests, the more unexpected things seem to happen. Like this and that.

Honestly: if I were to do single band efforts in the near future, by which I mean until the higher bands (QRG > 10MHz) are wide open again, 40m would be my band of choice. That band offers great propagation and my antenna in all its simplicity is a killer there. But on phone (SSB), 7 MHz is most definitely a no-go zone from here. That is why I opted for SB80 and will do so again. Just like in any other category I won’t be winning plaques in major contests, but since I will most likely focus on SB efforts in the major contests, SB80 seems the most logical choice. Especially on SSB.

Of course I can’t beat the guys with ‘2 km of radials’ on the ground. And I should work on my local RX capabilities. Local as in ‘I find remote RX over the Internet quite repulsive’. I know I’m a 80m gator. And my kW amp is really nothing more than a good kW: 1200-1300W. No 2-3-4-5… kilowatters here.

Furthermore my contesting activities will certainly focus on having fun and personal achievement. And who knows I might set some Belgian records along the way…

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