In one word? NOTHING

Then why a post? For the archives. My memoires.

I was looking forward to this weekend. Not so much for the SSB contest, which I mostly do because I’m loyal to the UBA (and yes almost any contest beats no contest) but also for the CQ 160 CW contest. The UBA contest comes to a halt at night, the 160m contest thrives at night.

But for the third year in a row the strong winds made me keep the tower down. Friday there were some pretty strong gales. And overnight and at sunrise, the wind was blowing even more fiercely out here. So I was glad I didn’t crank the tower up.

The wind was predicted to settle around Saturday noon, which it eventually did. And for a moment I contemplated to crank up the tower one level and drop my 160m plans and focus on the UBA DX SSB. But then it started raining. Then pouring. Cats and dogs. Which in turn tempered my enthusiasm to go outside. Once again: no contesting. Thanks lousy WX. Weird to say but I start to get used to it by now.

I think the 40m dipole and the yagi have drifted apart yet a few more degrees by the wind. Coming Sunday another round of strong gusts is announced (+90km/hr). So why even bother? The new climate does not favor crank up towers and field day style operations. The new climate sucks.

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