EUHFC 2015

Just a short note for the archives.

It seems that either the 10 and 15 meters band are in a temporary but deep lull or the current solar cycle indeed has seen the best of its days. Ten meter did not produce anything substantial and none of the QSO there showed a deflection on the S-meter. Except for the Italians and a dozen of EA. Fifteen meters wasn’t great either. We’ve been spoiled the last couple of years.

I had my fun with the online scoreboard. At first. I managed to keep a top three spot and took top position a few times. Then a couple of players joined in and the others shifted a gear higher. That somehow turned the initial fun into a mild frustration. But still top 8. I just can’t keep up with multiple big towers and huge antennas. And when propagation is flakey the southern EUs have a definite edge. BTW I know that the online real time scores mean squat since not many people have adopted it.

Target was 1200 QSO for a nice average 100/hr. I just fell short. The lack of ten meters and the QRM on 160/80 that popped up again. With the limited band changes per hour, SO2R is not really an option. But I took the most of it and used a couple of them each hour to log some additional contacts.


By looking at the EUHFC website, it seems that both my QSO and mult numbers are approximately what I produce every time. All in all as always a very enjoyable contest. And it was fun to see my buddy OT1A back once again.

Probably Country Winner in CW HP just like 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and so on (hehe) and maybe a top 5 in zone 14? On the EU scale it will be a lousy performance. I repeat: I just can’t keep up with multiple big towers and huge antennas.

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Regarding very bad CONDX this year the average wellover 100 QSO/hour surprised me. Looking at the Comments localy (of S5 guys) I noticed some complains about top stations using SO2R which is annoing for the coresponding station, what you can expect at this QSO average… I can say (as being a couple times a Commitee memeber) we noticed lot of “bad things” in some logs … any way I had a fun…

Thanks for the comment Leo.
I try to keep the timing as good as possible for SO2R when calling a station with the S&P radio. But sometimes.. I mess up :o)
But not much SO2R in EUHFC, which is OK because it makes the contest stand out a bit from the other contests.
Don’t get me started on ‘bad things in logs’. After 6 years of checking UBA DX contest logs, I have seen crazy things HI.


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