Can you hear me?

DX from all sides of the compass! This is with 3 full size elements on 21 MHz at 8m above the ground. QTH is 47 meter above sea level. KPA500 amp so 500W output in the shack. I have no idea what portion of that is actually radiated. The map is a snapshot coming from the Reverse Beacon Network.


I had put the 9A CW contest on the agenda but it has been too much lately. Too much of everything. I just realized I logged 12000 contest contacts since the end of October (WW SSB). So I tried to do almost nothing for a change. I did some research for an upcoming hardware project. Hardware as in welding and construction. And for a paving job in the garden. Can’t wait for spring.

I also upgraded the UBA log checking software to a new version of Visual Studio. This in anticipation of retiring the six year old Vista laptop. Boo-hoo Vista so bye bye Vista. The new machine will be Win8. I don’t know if I’ll like it. I really like Win7 a lot though. It loads and works faster compared to Vista even on older and lighter machines. And I mean with the Vista running on a newer and more potent machine.

This morning I decided to make a few contacts anyway. After all I need to maintain my CW skills and my last QSO was already seven days ago 😀 . I stuck to 15m. showed SFI=203 but that didn’t reflect the band. Not too much going on there. I made two hundred contacts and quit.

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