Dear Santa

Dear Santa or his deputy closer to home.

I have been a good boy this year. I have been talking into a headset that I saved from the trash bin fourteen years ago (although I retrofitted it with a Heil HC4 mic capsule). It almost falls apart now. My socks may not be big enough but I’m sure my mom will knit a giant sock to fit this gizmo.

This should show the image of the Heil Pro7 headset

I have always refrained from buying a new headset because I think they cost too much and look too flimsy. Furthermore I need a pair of headphones that keep the shack noise out. This new model really seems to fit the bill. It looks firm and meaty and as the manufacturer says ‘ideal for use in high ambient noise environments’.

So dear Santa or his deputy closer to home, please think of me when you start filling socks. You can just leave the box under the tree if you’re allergic to wool. I just hope you’re not allergic to pine trees too.

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