My best hour

My best hour in CQ WW CW 2013? That’s 169 QSO. Running on 28040 with some second radio QSO on 14 MHz.

Here’s how I now: > LINK <

Thanks to R5GA for crunching the numbers. Credit to N0AX, editor of the ARRL Contest Update for pointing this out.

While 169 is not bad for an average station from an ubiquitous country like Belgium with no particular propagational advantage, it isn’t my best clock hour. I seem to remember that was 175 in a RAEM contest a few years ago.

Not quite: my best hour is 179 in CQ WW CW 2011. On 40 nonetheless, With a rotary dipole  🙂

NOTE: I almost never use cut numbers so I send ‘5NN 14’ and sign ‘TU OQ5M’ after all QSO, except when I just logged a smooth QSO and I have a full call or a good clue of a partial for a second caller. But never more than two contacts in a row without signing. No endless series of didit  here.

I don’t often have these high rates, and a few hours of these in a row already is intense. Imagine what a few 250 hours must be. Zone 8 and 9 seem to be the place to be, as well as the closer by z33 to a lesser degree. I really should try that one day…

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