Keep on dreaming – UP 2 QRZ?

Last Friday there was 100 000 000 Euro to be won with the Euro Millions EU lottery. I’m not a regular lottery player. We just jump the bandwagon when there is a crazy amount to be won. Like one hundred million Euro… That‘s four billion old Belgian Franks. Mind boggling! So I asked the XYL to buy us a cheap ticket. Cheap because just for fun and cut losses. A ticket with a lottery computer generated number combination. No magic numbers like birthdays or so.

Sometimes I dream of an auto-tune amplifier. Or a new one-yagi-with-gain-on-seven bands (40 > 6). With enough saving and patience, these dreams are well within reach. But one hundred million Euro… My imagination went berserk and I said: “I just buy me a three point island in the Caribbean!”

Well you actually can buy an island it seems. Here is a site that offers dreams for sale. Some are actually real bargains. If you have 100 000 000 in your back pocket that is.

The site says:

As private islands are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, locations and price points, determining exactly what type of property is best suited to your needs may seem like an intimidating undertaking.

You bet! What island offers best take off to EU? Fixed monobanders or stacked tribanders? Will the beverages work on my hilltop location?

If I understand the system, it seems that we won just enough to cover the cost of the ticket. Losses cut indeed! But if you ever work me as V35ZO or C65ZO two contests in a row, you know who hit the jackpot!

PS I’m not even remotely tickled by the thought of remote operations. I want the Real DX Feel. Or get washed / blown away by Belgian autumn WX.

3 replies on “Keep on dreaming – UP 2 QRZ?”

Ohoh Ron, how stupid of me.
I saw ‘Friday’ and ‘100 000 000’ and got so blinded I assumed it was last Friday. Gold fever!

That means I still have a chance to get my own private island. You can come over and play DX since you reminded me 🙂

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