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A few nights ago, during one of those sleepless hours that occur all too often, I was thinking about contesting, log checking and mistakes people make. I had a few specific items in mind but as it goes with these midnight ideas, you’ve forgotten them by dawn. I don’t keep a notepad next to my bed. Not even an iPad. No pad whatsoever.

Nevertheless it seems like a good idea to get it out in the open and maybe it can become a platform for grouping contest hints. This would mean that everyone who has a contest tip to share is invited to provide input. Although that sounds more ambitious than I intend it to be. I’ve seen a few projects with high ambitions fail or just bleed to dead over time because of the lack of input or interest. So it’s not that I want to make it a forum or a place for discussion per se. It’s not that I’m going two point oh. It’s just that sometimes someone has a good idea and I’m always open for good ideas. Even if they turn out to be not so good.

So let’s see where this leads to. I have a few goodies to start with… I hope you’ll enjoy them! Stay tuned.

As a starter, here’s one from my own archives:

How to edit your Cabrillo for the UBA DX Contest

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