Another possible candidate for a medium power solid state amp?

Today I encountered the “Atlantic HAL-600 MOS-FET HF Linear Amplifier“. Here’s its maker’s link.

You know I am in the market for a solid state HF amp with medium power. So this link got my immediate attention. Thoughts?

  • It looks nice.
  • No six meters. Not that I am active on that band (don’t even have an antenna), but you never know.
  • Output on the low side with a mere 500W CW but then again it’s only for radio #2 to facilitate QSOs there with minimal interruption of the running process on radio #1.
  • €1800? My first reaction: too much money for too little power. Then again it’s 500 Euro less than what the Elecraft KPA3 amplifier would cost to bring it to my doorstep.
  • It’s Italian…

So together with the elusive ACOM 800S and the KPA3, there’s this Italian little amp. The Finish Juma PA1000 doesn’t seem to advance either. That is: there is no online update on the project. So far the ACOM seems to suit my needs the best. The anticipated price of about 2600 Euro for 800W and with 6m makes it ideal. But I’m waiting and no updates there either.

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Isn’t this what some people refer to as ‘CB amps’? It’s Italian…
Not to offend anyone – I like Italian food a lot and although I don’t drink I can appreciate a cold limoncello (even 2). But what about electronics?

Do you have one like this?

For CB, you should go to RM Italy… RF-POWER is Ham business. Just like SPE with the 1K-FA. Also Italian….
And no, I don’t have one. No need for high power in my “kitchen station”.
Just wanted to give a lead, that’s all.
Maybe you should wait for the Chinese CG Antenna range of amps to be introduced in Europe ? Plenty of power for 1euro/Watt.

RM, right – that was it!

RF-Power HVLA700, looked it up in the eHAM reviews section. Six reviews: 5 Italians very happy, one Dutchman very UNhappy. What he writes is exactly what I fear. I have more confidence in other brands and manufacturers. Especially OM-Power and Elecraft, very good experiences. I can’t say that about a certain Belgian ACOM dealer though. The amp is good, the ON service center isn’t.

Yes the Watt-per-Euro of the Chinese amplifier is great for a solid state amp. I contacted CG just over one year ago. The answer (I quote): “It’s not for the export market. and not yet available.

I haven’t seen / heard / read anything about it after that.

OK, if Hans says so, I rest my case. He’s an expert on those things and always very honest and straightforward.
I don’t know the belgian ACOM dealer, so I cannot reply on that one.
And for CG, well…keep on waiting.
I also have a Greek lead, but then again….drop it.
Running barefoot seems the only option at this moment, I think.

Hvla700 works very good, good value for money and weight is low…
Rply from factory was very fast, bought at difona.
Expert1k-fa is other price setting but the best, 4 antenna’s, 2 tx etc.

Was waiting for acom 2 years now:-)

Been looking at the RF power products to. No there’s a 1.3 Kw version to with a single new generation freescale transistor. 12 kgs for 1300 watt out. Not bad. Acom announced the new 600S (not 800S) and will be at Rosmalen in march 2014. Price around 2500 euros. Only 600 watts and my guess with the same transistors as the HVLA700. I’ve seen some pics of the Acom 600S published by the designer. Way to go Acom but it took you guys over 3 years to put a solid state amplifier on the market. My Acom 2000a just rocks !

I’d like to comment on the new Acom 600S. Okay, it took some time to get on the market. Okay, it will cost more than the Italian version. I got the first one available at home. It sits next to my 2000a and does exactly what I expected from it. It does deliver a good deal of power. In my case 17,5 watt of drive gives me 600+ watts of power, it does almost 700 driving it 20 watts. It is QUIET. To me very important. I love Acom’s for that. In STBY when just powered on, no fans at all. Quiet as a mouse. It stays like that for a long period of time when not operated. So together with my rig, no noise at all when listening for dx. It runs cool !! Absolutely fine design. Participating All Asian dx cw it never surpassed 55°. The thermal design is fantastic. And even at 55° only first of four speeds is kicked in, making the same amount of noise as my 2000a. Top notch. It can be operated remote, it interacts with all radios thanks to RS232, TTL, BCD and analogue voltage. It has a very nice display and a great overal look. It is relative small, in the order of a normal sized radio and weights only 12 Kgs. So far I’m impressed. What a nice amp. And finally I got 600 watts on 6m if I want driving 18 watts. I think it would match nice with a small radio like KX3. When driven around 10 watts you get 450 tot 475 out. Ideal from QRP to QRO.
I had two SPE’s, both had a lot of problems. Sticking relays. SWR circuit bad, tuner problems, display problems. NEVER AGAIN. I have 4 Acom’ in total. 2 x 1000 and 1 x 2000a and now 600S. They all performed outstanding. I have good contacts with both my dealer and the factory in Bulgaria. To me very responsive. Now the 2 x 1000 are sold. Will keep my 2000a for big contests and the 600S for /P or dx expedition, daily use and quick and fast dx spotting.
73 Phil

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