PT0S in Diversity Receive (and DX Pigs on VFO B)

I hear PT0S about S7 on 40m on the main RX. Right now it’s sunrise over Japan. I switch to diversity RX with the dipole and the RX loop on either VFO. That sounds nice – VERY nice indeed.

But I don’t like what I hear. They’re calling JA JA. Doesn’t seem to bother the rest of EU though. And it’s not only southern EU: DL6, DJ5, GW3, DL1… An I3 boasts 10 band DXCC on Now I know how he bulldozered his way there. Respect. NOT!

Don’t they hear PT0S? Don’t they understand ‘PT0S JA JA UP 2″? It’s not that they call once by accident. No they just keep on calling and calling.

What rude EU behaviour? What do you mean bad EU operating practices? In the mean time someone probably will have posted a cluster note about the DX being bad operators because they don’t work EU. *sigh*

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Indeed very frustrating behaviour!
More frustrating is that I worked them and also V84SMD, but they forgot to put me in the log 👿

Read the fine print: “Callsigns do no show in online log for sponsoring under 50$”. ;o)
Two of my three QSO with PT0S are missing from the online data too. Patience is a virtue?

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