Surprising result in CQ WW CW 2011

After a satisfactory score in WW SSB last year it seems I did equally well in the CW part with my 8th place Assisted EU:

CQ WW CW 2012 – Assisted EU
CQ WW CW 2012 – Assisted EU

To DF1LX: I beat DC4A  😉  (see comments here).

Furthermore I was one of the most active stations in z14:

Top scores in z14
Top scores in z14

Yes 2011 was an exceptional good year where everything worked with me: I was on a roll, WX was fine, I wasn’t tired and most of all: propagation was rocking. I really hope for similar conditions later this year. Last year summer conditions were only so-so but late September, the SFI rose and 10/12/15 were wide open. You were there, you remember!

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