The audience is listening

My previous posting seems to be a traffic hit. I really did not know this many people take the time to read my words. There is even some weird link:   This domain is held by Twitter so someone must have Twittered the link. I don’t do Twitter not Facebook so I have no clue but soon I found out it was the notorious Jeff KE9V who put it in a tweet.

I was glad PE4BAS reported the same north of us:

Same problem here in the Netherlands. They use N1MM and make a cabrillio log without checking. N1MM is configured “out of the box” as unassisted.

I know ON5MF to be a keen observer of all things ham-related in Belgium and he even went a step further (here):

For example, the reason why our clubstation lost one of the last fielddays probably was because our biggest competitor probably used his home station with huge beam antennas via remote control. Okay, it’s only a suspicion and we can’t prove it but… At least since this year the rules for our national fieldday have changed and now all internet and dx-cluster use is forbidden.

I didn’t even know the FD rules changed but I do know that some clubs do a lot of effort to get a WiFi/Telnet or genuine VHF/UHF connection to a DX cluster in the FD shack. Needless I guess: just put up a good antenna and keep on running. I wonder who Jurgen ON5MF is referring to. But knowing him as the anti-blabbermouth I’m sure he must have some valid clues.

My good friend OT1A also had a philosophic moment pondering about the contest categories. Valid point he makes about raising low power to 200W. Somewhere I can understand the ARRL counting packet as one or more operators helping you. But I find it a silly rule too which should be replaced by SO Assisted. Nevertheless: dura lex, sed lex. It’s not only the ARRL administered IARU contest. The same rule applies to the highly enjoyable (when SFI is right) ARRL 10m contest, as I had to learn the hard way (see: I even followed the rules back in 2002! 🙂 ).

I’d like to comment on his blog site directly but I have to use some form of validation and neither of the listed options are in my toolbox. I also had that here and on a private non-ham blog I follow. I hate it when I can’t comment without being member or user of one of these services. I admit that any fool can post just about anything but the admin can always delete. And there is a lot of spam going around but Akismet catches almost everything. Free speech for everyone ON5ZO!

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This should make you somewhat happier:

N1MM Logger 12.8.2:
Default category for new logs is now “SINGLE-OP-ASSISTED”. (ON5ZO, many others) (coded by N2IC)

Oh don’t get me wrong – because I ventilate a lot of things here that bother me, does NOT mean I am unhappy.
Heck, I am very happy but that doesn’t really need ‘writing off’ 😀

Like sitting on the terrace, tropic temperature, sunset, Gin/Tonic with lots of ice and the view of a yagi in a tower, dreaming of more and bigger antennas… Makes me happy but who wants to read that?

Thanks for the code change and hope to log you some more in the coming events! 73.

And, no doubt, with 5000+ users, I will take flak for this change. For example, you wouldn’t believe the crap I took when I put in a change to not allow N1MM tools that could be used for post-contest log-scrubbing to be activated until 30 days after the contest ended. Tom (N1MM) ended up removing my change.

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