More parts!

It’s raining parts! Yesterday an order from Kits & Parts arrived. This time RF specific parts indeed. A wide assortiment of cores, including binocular cores. These hardly cost a thing but are virtually impossible to find around here. Some Schottky diodes and trimmer capacitors. And fine enameled wire to use with the binocular cores.

Almost there – now we wait for the rest to arrive and for empty space on the agenda.

I was home alone yesterday, that’s the ideal time to write code. I found and analyzed some code for TCP/IP comms. Got that working and also tried to understand what’s happening under the hood. Then I took the Netduino board again and got a small webserver working there too, ported from a C# example to VB. Then I modified the TCP/IP code on the PC and the webserver on the Netduino to work with each other. In total that took me about six to seven hours, including a first attempt to use the SD memory card on the Netduino. I can write to and read from the card too. That does not differ so much from the true .Net classes so it was a breeze. There is no real application or project yet but it’s good to know I can communicate with the Netduino over the LAN. That eliminates the need for a future ham / shack project to be connected to a running PC. That is the case with the USB I/O module I have been using (Digi-Bee+) in the past.

Tomorow I need to update N1MMLogger and run some QTC. Not for the QTC themselves but to see if the interface isn’t broken.

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