Surprising result in CQ WW SSB 2011

The results are out for WW SSB. Wow, Top 10 EU in a major SSB contest.


CQ WW SSB 2012 - Assisted EU
CQ WW SSB 2012 – Assisted EU

Assisted of course which makes me a lesser god according to the CQ-Contest purists. And I can’t remember if I did SO2R in this one, the  opinionated SO2R bashers on that reflector would gladly subtract a few dB’s from my score. Luckily I didn’t use QRZ to check the zones prefilled by my logger after the contest.

Yet I am very happy with that because I didn’t expect it at all. My WRTC selection score should get a boost now. This is a motivation for going all the way once again next fall. Oh wait a minute: the result is so good because there was fantastic propagation. What are the odds that cycle 24 offers us the same conditions? It hasn’t since the beginning of this year anyway.

More results thanks to the Oceania DX Contest. Country winner in both modes. With 23 and 27 QSO. Yes it was a fierce battle with tons of serious competitors striving for this much coveted title!   😛

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