9A Contesters Benelux Tour

9A8MM and 9A6XX visiting Brussels and enjoying the best Belgium has to offer: food, chocolates, beer and ON5ZO's company.


Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure to hang out with two Croatian young contesters, Marko 9A8MM and Hrle 9A6XX. I have known them for years through the World Wide Young Contesters club and its once very active IRC channel.  In fact my first QSO with 9A6XX dates from December 2010 2001 (see reply) and was only my 167th QSO ever.

Right now they are on a trip through ON, PA and finally LX where they will join LX7I in a M/S effort in next weekend’s RDXC. We had nice chats about contesting (what else?), ham radio, geopolitics and if you’re in Belgium food, beer and chocolate are bound to be discussed.  😉

I’ve met a few foreign contesters in Belgium over the years. Every time it’s a delight to actually meet the person behind the callsign. And it’s even more fun if you work each other in the contest after you’ve met. Contesting is not only about the contest, it’s also about friendship!

2 replies on “9A Contesters Benelux Tour”

first QSO december 2010? Unfortunatly, it could be lot earlier 🙂
It was nice meeting you!

Best 73,
Hrle – 9A6XX

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