UBA DX CW 2012

This is a copy from my post on 3830:

Last year I planned to do only 12 hours but I had so much fun I stuck around and did the 24 hours. I set the ON record to 628k points. This year I wanted to do better and set my targets for the 24 hours category. I think I did quite well.

I had 800 QSO after 8 hours and then it slowed down as usual. I slept from 01.00 to 05.00 utc. There is no activity at night to keep on
going. I had hoped for a VE on 80 but none called and those worked on 40 and asked,declined my request to QSY.

A lot of rude behavior in the small pile ups. Impatient callers killing the rate and spoiling the fun. This was in a little contest for a simple Belgian – imagine a DXpedition to a rare DXCC in CQ WW! Come on people, where is this going to end? LISTEN and control yourself!

Best band once again: 15m!
Maybe I worked less USA on 10m than a week before but they sure were LOUDER this time. Many JA’s there too.

Not much more to add. I started with aggressive SO2R and trying to move multipliers. A PY on 15 was successfully moved from 15 to 10. A VP2 didn’t want to move. I could maintain a 100/hr rate until the night fel. NA was doing their RTTY thing and EU was either on 160 or asleep. Not much to do except go to bed too. With a VE on 80m in the log I would have gone earlier but I kept trying without luck. No VE mult on 80 although I worked a bunch on 40.

When I got up and back on track I checked the M/S crew ON6BR serial number and they were still handing out lower numbers than my last QSO before I slept. I listened to see how they were doing once in a while and the split became even bigger as the morning progressed.

I managed to put down a good score here. Improving it is possible with better propagation (though it was quite good this weekend) or more overnight activity. The latter will be hard because there is no real incentive for EU / NA to stay awake. It was a fun event by all means.

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