I just opened my mailbox and was shocked to see ‘P43JB SK’. I could not call CQ, be it in a contest or on the WARC bands, and Joop would call me.

I met him in person in Friedrichshafen 2005 or 2006. We both attended the BCC Contest Dinner. It was a hot evening and a lot of people went outside for some fresh air. There we met and started talking about who knows what. Contesting, DX and antennas for sure. I remember him as a warm, open friendly guy. While we were chatting, his wife was taking pictures left and right.

A couple of weeks later, there was an envelope in my mailbox. He had a picture of us both printed and mailed it to me. I didn’t ask for the picture to be taken, I never asked for the picture to be sent to me. He just did it. The picture has been on the shack’s wall ever since. In fact, it’s even the only picture that is there (don’t have any other ‘famous ham shots’). I always was glad to work him and say a quick hello. That’s what our hobby is all about.

Thanks a lot P43JB for the 45 CW QSO in the last ten years. RIP OM Joop!

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