Sometimes a bad performance still yields a surprising result. My IARU Championship performance in 2011 was NOT good, in fact it was pathetic to my own set standards. A boring contest too because of the lack of DX. It was the turning point of bad versus less bad / good propagation. The results are out and indeed on a global scale my ranking stinks. But what if we look to CW only HP in ITU zone 27?¬†Yes, number one. No big deal. It seems that there were no real competitors, mostly casual participants. And only 10 in total… Too bad the certificates for the IARU contests for Belgian participants are never signed by the national organisation’s president (UBA). I have a few of them but the signature lacks.

Sometimes you discover nice QSL cards in a big stack, cards that bring back memories. Sometimes you discover a lot of bad QSL cards in a big stack. Not in log, bad date, bad mode.

Sometimes ON4BHQ links to a bargain. This time he points out that the ALS-1300 seems to have dropped in price as quoted on a German distributor’s site. Less than 2600 Euro for 1200W solid state / no tune is a good price-to-power ratio. Too bad quite a few reviews on eHAM say it stinks. No sign of the ACOM 800W SS amp so far either… Speaking of which: maybe it’s not good to be an early adopter. Let the masses discover the design flaws and buy a revised model later on.

Sometimes you just got to have patience and process another few hundred QSL cards.

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