Storm over ON

This afternoon a bad storm hauled ass over Belgium. Wind speeds up to 100km/h in central Belgium. I knew it was bad when I noticed our dog’s house moved half a meter. It’s a big heavy dog house and I put it against the fence only yesterday after heavy gusts on the evening of January 1st. Those pushed it forward about 20 cm. The dog house deplacement is my own benchmark: it never moved this far forward since putting it there in 2004. So I went upstairs to look through the shack’s window and inspect the tower and antennas. I was scared to see the yagi and 40m dipole had moved 90° to where I pointed the controller.

The dipole is still parallel to the 20m driver. So it isn’t that one antenna moved away from the other. And what are the odds of both antennas slipping over the mast exactly the same amount? It’s not that the rotator is broken: it still holds the antennas still when powered off and still moves the antennas when I move the controller to turn the antennas. Only: it’s 90° shifted. So it seems that the mast / tube turned inside the rotator clamps / flanges when twisted by the wind. But the clamps still hold the tube to turn the antennas. Strange.

No real damage but it’ll be a pain to fix this. I don’t think I can do this when the tower is tilted over. Not in a hurry either because a second similar storm is announced for tomorrow night / Thursday. Great! Real damage is reported on Twitter by ON7RU whose Hex Beam took a fatal beating. I hope all other amateurs in Belgium got away? But this storm must have taken out some more antennas, it’s hardly impossible that no one else has lost something. I knew this was bound to happen: we got away without a real storm for too long. And since this ‘winter’ is far too warm (+10° on average), all we get from over the Atlantic is rain and heavy winds and the occasional storm.

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I came back home from work in the dark yesterday and left in the dark again this morning.

Guess I’ll go have a look at my antennas during the day… no good to get this kind of damage a few days before my favorite contest (ARRL RTTY Roundup)

No damage here Franki.
Only a very slight tilt on my Optibeam, nothing to worry about.
SWR is excellent on all bands.

Proficiat met de eerste plaats in de UBA competitie, was echt nummer een. Zal dit jaar natuurlijk weer mee doen.
Blijft een leuke competitie, je wint er niks mee, kost alleen heel veel tijd, al dat contesten en dxjagen.
Maar ik zal blijven proberen om een hoger score te halen, hoewel onze niveauverschil pro en amateur is.

Heb altijd met heel veel plezier je blog gelezen, complimenten hoe geweldig je het verzorgd.
Veel plezier met al dat contesten en dx jagen, we komen elkaar zeker wel tegen.



Peter, bedankt voor de mooie woorden.
Ik stop er echt niet zoveel tijd in, ik maak gewoon veel QSO als ik actief ben. Dat is dan uiteraard vooral in de contesten. Ik heb ook geen superstation en geen super antennes. Ik zeg altijd: “Ik druk gewoon op F1 en log wat ik hoor” HI.
Maar zoals ik hier al schreef: 2011 was een super jaar. Ik ga proberen mezelf niet onder druk te zetten in 2012 🙂

73 ES DX!
Franki ON5ZO

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