Quid NIL?

Log checking reports for CQ WPX CW are out. Here’s what’s striking me:

************************* Not In Log *************************

7035 CW 2011-05-28 1413 OQ5M           494 F8IDR         0030
7018 CW 2011-05-28 1905 OQ5M           639 F8IDR         0026

What the @$^%#??? You should know that my LCR/UBN is always very clean. I log very little errors and I only log when I’m 100% sure.  So F8IDR calls me twice, 5 hours in between, with only a handful of contacts judging by the numbers – and the first QSO has a higher number than the second.

Open logs are a good thing. Here’s the F8IDR log. OQ5M is not in there so at least the log checking is OK. At 14.13 op F5XX was taking a 90 minute break. At 19.05 he was on 20m. The log is submitted as Single Op (F5XX) HP Assisted.

Question arises: WHO is F8IDR? Unknown to QRZ.

However, Google ‘F8IDR’ and I end up here: ‘WPX par F8IDR en photos!’ Clearly single op, no? There is a Picassa album entitled ‘2011-05-28 WPXparF8IDR‘ here that once again shows a Single Op activity.

Google also learns us that “L’IDRE participera avec l’indicatif F8IDR au contest WPX HF (, le week-end prochain au centre de vacances de GUCHEN qui se trouve dans la vallée de Saint Lary. Bernard F5XX et l’équipe du DX gang gère la partie technique avec F6KPH de Tarbes. Pour l’instant 18 inscrits à cette participation: F5PU, F5SAW, F6KPH, F5LEW, F5RVI, F5SZR, CHRISTINE, F5AUB, F1NHN et MCH , F6GXY et M, F5XX, F4ENH , F6BKB, F5BTH, F6HED et YL, C RIVAYRAN ……“.

Luckily French is my second language after Dutch so it’s easy to understand that Single Op in English means at least 18 people in French  :o)   Yes things are not always what they seem to be – or in contesting lingo: what they’re claimed to be. I’m curious to see if this log will indeed end up as SO. I recently made a posting about assumed unclaimed cluster assistance by Belgian operators (more than one). I decided to put it in the trash bin because I think ON’s just don’t care. Maybe the F’s don’t care either?

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