Only 13 minutes to go!

Only 13 minutes to go as I write this. I think I’m ready. Sleep will be my worst enemy!

Just got out of bed. Philosofical question: what is the best place in the world to start a 48 hour contest-athon? A nice warm wake up shower didn’t resolve this. I guess there just isn’t a good place for such an inhuman sado-masochistic “fun” event.

Antennas all good to go. Propagations seems OK for now. Ten meters was shining yesterday afternoon, but no West Coast. What about the low bands? No idea.

I set up the shack on Monday to see if everything was working. I discovered some of my macros did not work using AutoHotKey. That got solved by running it as administrator on the new Win7 machine. I use AHK in SSB because the magnificent ESM feature doesn’t work smoothly in phone mode. There was an experimental N1MMLogger release earlier this week that should overcome this but I’d rather stick to what I know to be working than to be/take part of/in an experiment in a CQ WW.

I almost forgot to test VOX. Glad I did because it didn’t work and required some attention. It worked FB on the XP machine in WPX. To cut a long story short (yes I can do that), I managed to get it all working.

Only 3 minutes to go. Where to start? No idea. CU on the bands!

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