How do they do it?

Welcome to the umptieth episode of the funny series “Contest Logs – How do they do it?”

Summer, autumn – what’s the difference in Belgium? So time to work (again and again) on the UBA Log checking software V2. I was comparing dates from QSO’s to select QSO’s from the database in a given time span. Somehow my code, which I thought was bullet proof, kept stumbling. Here’s why:

QSO: 14000 PH 2011-01-30 7471 ClaimerCall        59  188    OtherGuy         59  030

See what’s wrong? The only reason I can see is that this QSO was edited by a sloppy hand. You can’t make a valid date when it’s that late on the clock…

One hour later I have to edit this post, another hilarious log:

QSO: 14000 PH 2011-01-29 1513 ON4##          59   052  OV     CT2°°°         59   011  —
QSO: 14000 PH 2011-02-29 1514 ON4##          59   053  OV     K2°°           59   002  —
QSO: 14000 PH 2011-01-29 1514 ON4##          59   054  OV     RL3°°          59   048  —


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