The site is back online. Apparently the hosting company did some network upgrades over the last 30 hours taking all their servers down. They had a detailed message on their website which is good, but why not send an email in advance? All seems well now, let’s hope it stays this way.

There was a question on the N1MMLogger reflector yesterday regarding the logging of CW QTC in WAE. That is a topic that I somehow feel strongly related to, because it was partially due to my constant whining about the lack of WAE support that Tom N1MM decided to tackle the issue in 2003.  There were more people asking for it, but after I went through QTC hell with WriteLog in 2002, I simple begged him to do so. WAE support in N1MMLogger has brought me many hours of CW pleasure and a few thousand QTC over all the years. The result is a somewhat unconventional QTC interface (for CW and SSB), i.e. it has no dedicated window, but once you learn how it works, it does a great job.

Anyway years ago some DL station put many MP3 recordings of QTC online. I forgot his call, don’t know the URL – maybe it isn’t even online anymore. Therefore I put them online for those who want to practice (or learn what a QTC sounds like).

Click here to download 14MB of CW QTC Pleasure.

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