The importance of clean logging

The results for the ARRL DX CW contest 2011 are out. I don’t remember much from that contest (contest done = on to the next) but I seemed to remember there was someone in Belgium beating me in SOAB Assisted. A quick look for SOAB Assisted on 3830 for that contest:

OT2A(ON6CC)       2129   228    48  1,456,236
OQ5M(ON5ZO)       2057   230    30  1,419,330 RR DX
ON4UN             1923   236    17  1,361,484 RR DX

ON6CC beat me by a small margin. And ON4UN was lagging in the same category. Now this is what the ARRL scores database shows:

10 OQ5M (ON5ZO, op) 1,389,204 2,043 228 SAH B ON1 EU
11 OT2A (ON6CC, op) 1,388,544 2,085 226 SAH B ON1 EU

That means I have lost less Q / mult than ON6CC (at powerhouse OT2A). The importance of clean logging! This keeps me in the top 10. And what about ON4UN claiming ‘assisted’ on 3830? He’s not in the Assisted scores. He shows up in the Unassisted category in the final scores:

42 ON4UN 1,306,365 1,882 235 S C ON1 EU

Too bad Assisted does not show in the Printable Line Scores, where Unassisted does. Why keep on putting that category down if you have it in the possible categories?

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