Ready for WPX

Five weeks since my last posting, five weeks since my last QSO. I did quite some ham related work in the mean time – mostly rewriting software but some hardware projects too.

Question: how can you know it’s Friday before a major contest in Belgium? Answer: major WX change for the worst. Almost two months of tropical sun, burning heat and drought ànd wearing shorts and T-shirts. Yet today I find myself in the rain wearing jeans and a sweater. Luckily yesterday’s wind calmed down!

Tower cranked up, and a secondary low inverted V dipole for EU contacts. So it’ll be 50/50 power split / RX combine between the high rotary dipole (22m high) and the inverted V (apex 10-12m). SB40 effort this time, QRM from every day life for a SOAB effort.

My goal is about 1000 QSO. Aiming too high? We’ll see. Hope to work you all. Make that: hope you all come to work me!  🙂

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