Spring Cleaning @ON5ZO

I always ask myself: “Are you going to use that, and if so: how often?”. If the answer is something like ‘never’, or ‘only once or twice’, or ‘who knows’, the purchase deal is off. This saves me from doing impulse shopping. But sometimes things change and what once was a ligitimate purchase turns into something that just sits or stands there.

So last month I sold my MFJ-998 automatic antenna tuner. A good device and it did what I wanted it to do but nothing beats matched antennas. So it had to go. And today I got rid of my SGC SG-230 automatic antenna coupler. The buyer picked it up cash down. It has served me well in the past and it is the original ‘made in the USA’: built like a tank. I was very happy with it. But it sat in a plastic box in the garage and I believe the last time I used it was in Field Day CW 2006, almost 5 years ago. So why keep it? I put it for sale and much to my surprise I had 4 reactions in 5 days. In Belgian ham-terms that means the asking price is way too low and people smell a bargain  🙂

My plan is to use as much surplus and collected parts as possible in some upcoming ‘experiments’. I don’t think I have anything left for sale. Unless someone needs scrap parts from a Fritzel WARC dipole with a blown trap?

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