Out with the old – in with the new

Statistics time! How does 2010 compare to my other 9 years on HF? I don’t really count 2000 since I only got my HF license late that year.

The breakdown per mode speaks for itself. CW 4 EVER! And some SSB in the mandatory contests. QSO count is ok. Second best overall. 2007 is a record year that can’t be beaten without a lot of free time and superb conditions. Notice the numbers on 15m and 10m? We had good 10m short skip sproadic E propagation in summer 2007 so that number is by no means representative. Look at 10m in 2010. Not bad. But especially 15m is striking. Let’s assume this is only by the grace of better propagation? Thanks to a short burst in SFI in February I managed to boost the 12m numbers too.

I am disappointed by the number of QSO on 30m, my favourite band. Reason #1: almost no casual DXing, most of the activity was in contests. Reason #2: a broken 30m antenna in the last 3 weeks of the year when I have the most time to be active.
A big shock was the days I was active in 2010. Only 68. All time low! I didn’t do any causal DX’ing like I did before. Almost only contests. It was a big difference in 2001. Still living with my parent’s and my bedroom was my shack. And sunspots. On the other hand: if I manage to make 6000 more QSO in 9 less days, I must be doing good in the contests.  🙂

I should re-do my little statistics-program to also count the different DXCC per band. But I have other software dragons to slay. For some reason there was a little bug that sneaked its way into the UBA log checking software. Neither I nor ON7SS noticed it. It was OK for the SSB scores but I made some modifications and the result was that the calculations went wrong but we didn’t see. It was a Russian high scoring participant who blew the whistle. I quickly fixed the problem and rescored the 866 logs. Recoding the routine and parsing the data took less than 3 hours. The “QRX We are working on it” means the results have to be processed to fit the UBA site and the certificates database. That in turn means the error was fixed in 3 hours but it gives other people some extra work to redo what they did two weeks ago HI. Sorry guys. I admit: I’m a bit embarassed but then again: there are ‘See Through’ type operating systems that have bugs too, right? He who can do better, may do better. I never wanted to do it (I said that from day 1), but someone has to. But it does cost me a lot of days in the shack.  😉

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