SAC CW 2010

You know that you’ve been busy when… the next update comes 4 days after the contest  đŸ˜®

SAC CW wasn’t on my ‘to do’ list but 5 weeks after WAECW it was time to make some contacts. This contest runs together with the Salmon Run. In both I was ‘country winner 2009’, for which the SAC team sent me a reminder in the form of a color certificate just the week before the contest.

To be short: I didn’t fish for Salmons but focused on Scandinavians. I worked a few dozen in S&P because I know that the nature of this contest doesn’t really support running from here. But I got enough of S&P and tried running but the only thing I did was declining non-SAC answers so… back to S&P.

I worked some DX before bedtime and tried 40/80 in the morning. I tried running some more but once again it shows that people DO NOT read the rules of the contest they’re in. I finished the contest with about 250 QSO. A very casual effort but it was fun. I haven’t done this much S&P in years!

I do wonder how the top Scandinavians manage to get over 2000 QSO. Big stations, big antennas, some QRO but still… It’s a little contest. But yet a lot of participation. What’s the ‘secret’?

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